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What's Your Skin Saying about Your Health?

When one of our organs is not functioning correctly, this will show up- on our face as acne, pimples, hyper-pigmentation, rashes, lesions, wrinkles, or other skin irregularities. To understand what is out of balance, usually, a technique called Facial Mapping will need to be performed. This process involves litterally reading the face and pinpointing the problem areas back to an associated organ or organs.

To best descibe how this is done, a chart is used which outlines several zones of the face by designating different colors. These colors are then label with the various organs of the body. This forms a gride for the mapping service based on the zone that is affected.

Understanding which zone is related to which organ helps in the treatment of the interal and external skin care plan. This will help your skin care expert design a specific plan tailored to your secific skin care needs.

Below, is a short demonstration of the different areas of the face and their corresponding organs.

Forehead: Bladder and Small Intestines


Too much fatty and processed food resulting in a sluggish and overworked digestive system. Excessive alcohol consumption, too much sugar intake and too many late nights will also hinder proper digestion and cause havoc on your skin.

Stress, dirty headgear such as caps, hair fringes, too much hair products and worrying too much could also be a cause.


Raw foods, plenty of pure water, abstinence from alcohol and plenty of rest and sleep. It’s time to cleanse your system, eat healthy raw foods and empty out the garbage in your head.

Mid Brow: Liver


Like above, you are stressing your digestive system too much and not getting enough rest. You may also be allergic to certain foods such as wheat or diary and/or have a diet too heavy on meat consumption.


As well as eating a healthy fresh food diet; fresh air, calming exercises such as yoga, brisk walking and meditation will help.

Temples and Brows: Kidneys


Excessive tobacco, alcohol, poor lymphatic circulation, high fat consumption and possible weak heart.


Plenty of pure water and cut down on caffeine, sugary drinks and alcohol. Make sure you are hydrated all the time.

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